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Side-Shot Phone Mount

Side-Shot Phone Mount

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Side-Shot Phone Mount kit comes with 1 complete Side-Shot, 1 scope clamp of your choice (3 scope clamps are in the picture to show different sizes, comes with 1 clamp) 

Clamp sizes are 1"(25mm), 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm (to fit scope tube size) and 1 stabilizer bar (plastic piece that snaps onto your scope and dampens vibrations)

Side-Shot is a universal phone adapter that holds your smart phone securely and adjusts to different phone sizes and brands so you don't have to keep buying more holders each time you get a new phone. Its quick change system lets you switch from one gun to the next in seconds! The best part about Side-Shot is that it allows you to shoulder your rifle like normal and look through your scope like normal while still recording! 

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